nitros oxide

nitros oxide.
laughing gas

At Brighton Kids Smile, we offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to our patients in order to have them feel more at ease and calm during their treatments. Because of the many advantages of nitrous oxide and almost no side effects, nitrous oxide is the most popular and commonly used anaesthetic in the world.

What are the benefits of Nitrous, or Laughing gas?

nitros gas benefits

For children who suffer through anxiety during their dental treatments, nitrous oxide may be the way to go! The laughing gas works to alleviate the stress children may feel, and make them more comfortable and calmer during the treatment.

How does it work?

As the child prepares for their treatment, a special nose piece is placed over their nose for the gas. Available in flavours such as strawberry, grape, and bubble-gum, the laughing gas goes to work and relaxes the patient. During the time that the nitrous gas is being delivered through the nose mask, the child will get a sense of relaxation and calmness. The different flavours of the laughing gas can also distract your child from any sounds they may be nervous about or any equipment that may frighten them. After the nitrous gas is administered, it may appear to the child as though time has moved more quickly. After the treatment is finished, breathing in oxygen will reverse the effects of the laughing gas.

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Is nitrous gas or laughing gas safe for children?

Nitrous gas is one of the safest sedative gases used in the world. With so many advantages and barely any side effects, nitrous gas is incredibly children-friendly. It has a rapid onset effect, and has its effects reversed almost immediately after the treatment is completed. Nitrous gas has minimal after effects, so children can go back to school or continue their activities without worry. The gas dosages are adjustable, which lets our dentists best adjust the level of sedation for your child's comfort and safety.

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